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Client Testimonials

Paul Whitbread.

I've been training with Duncan at Beverley Wellbeing for almost a year. I'm 56 and have a busy schedule, but I make time for two sessions of one hour each week.

When I first started with Duncan, I was really struggling with some of the movement prep exercises, before we even started the main routines. Now, I'm now feeling much fitter, better toned, and can push hard with the exercises. Being fitter and having more energy has helped me with life generally.

Duncan has also helped me with diet advice and general wellbeing. I can absolutely recommend Duncan at Beverley Wellbeing. He's changed my life with his approach to fitness, diet and lifestyle, and I'm sure he can help you change yours for the better.

Harvey Dettmar

I have trained with Duncan for many years in physical fitness, after physical disaster and back towards fitness. In all situations his help, advice and support has been invaluable. Duncan’s vast experience and in-depth training in the latest exercise and rehabilitation techniques give a unique insight into your situation that enable him to put together a training and lifestyle strategy that will have rapid and significant effects.

Sessions are always innovative, varied, focussed on your functionality and, although never easy, will leave you with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

Working with Duncan has revolutionised my approach to fitness, nutrition and health and I would recommend him and the team at Beverley Wellbeing to anyone who is serious about their health and fitness.

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