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Whether you are a professional athlete with on-going aches and pains, or you are simply looking for a fix to that niggling ache, at Beverley Wellbeing we cover a wide range of services that can offer personalised rehabilitation for any sports, health, or pain issue in the body. We specialise in one to one consultations to develop a trusting relationship whilst improving the specific needs of the individual.

We are the leading sports injury specialists in Beverley – creating comprehensive performance programmes tailored to your sport or specific needs. All of our consultations take place in the privacy of our treatment rooms, then leading into the use of our in-house gym with access to the latest rehabilitation equipment.

Core strengthening is central to our training and rehabilitation philosophy, as we strongly believe a solid core can benefit every sport or activity - with that in mind we focus a large portion of our programmes on strengthening and movement techniques for all level of abilities.

Our sports injury and sports performance clients include PGA tour professionals, up and coming golfers, premier league and youth team footballers, Super League rugby players, and numerous individual sports such as running and cycling.

  • Wellbeing

    Improve your wellbeing

    At Beverley Wellbeing we endorse a holistic approach to wellbeing. We look to bring together massage, nutrition, exercise, and relaxation to restore balance and promote health in the mind, body and spirit. Call us for more information on how holistic wellbeing could benefit you.

    Wellbeing services

  • Sports Injury

    Do you have a sport injury

    Picked up an injury on the sports field? You can take advantage of Duncan’s experience at Beverley Wellbeing, knowing you’re in good hands. We will work with you to build a rehabilitation programme for short and long term benefits in our one to one consultations. From working with the highest level of professional sports teams for many years, there are very few sports related injuries Duncan hasn’t seen – get in touch and see what Beverley Wellbeing can do for your injury.

    Sport injury services

  • Podiatry

    Podiatry services

    Beverley Wellbeing have specific knowledge in podiatry from years of education and training to diagnose and treat conditions affecting the foot, ankle, leg and lower back. Often referred to as chiropodists, podiatry is a specialist branch of medicine that is treatable in a variety of ways. If you have an issue affecting any areas of podiatry call Beverley Wellbeing for a consultation.

    Podiatry services

  • Elite Performance

    Elite performance getting the best for you

    Duncan has elite sports performance knowledge, which has developed from 12 seasons of being head of sports injury at Super League’s Hull KR team, alongside the Welsh national rugby league side during World Cups - as well as looking after Premiership footballers, top-flight golfers, and other professional and semi-professional athletes. With this experience the Beverley Wellbeing team can fine tune a programme for any type of individual or team sport specifically for you, simply get in touch to find out more.

    Elite performances

  • Personal Training

    Personal training at its very best

    Personal training at Beverley Wellbeing is exactly that, personal. First we offer a consultation which assesses what level of fitness you have, whilst we discuss your aims and goals. Then we will look at a personalised programme to work alongside one to one sessions where you work together with one your own personal trainer to reach your weekly/monthly targets. Whether you long to be stronger, slimmer, fitter or more confident, Beverley Wellbeing is the personal touch you are looking for.

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  • Sports Massage

    Sport massage to help you with your injury

    The word massage comes from Greek root “masso” meaning “to touch” with its medical benefits advocated by the farther of medicine the celebrated Greek physician Hippocrates, who in 5 BC wrote “anyone wishing to study the art of medicine must study the art of massage”. The power & benefits of touch have been recorded through history in various formats with evidence of its use dating as far back as the ancient cave dwellers as depicted in wall paintings & drawings of people massaging each other.

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