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Personal Training

Beverley Wellbeing offer personal training in Beverley and East Yorkshire at their state of the art gym with all the latest equipment. A first consultation will involve a health assessment, followed by a discussion of your aims and targets which together will allow Duncan and his personal trainers to create an individual training programme to reach your goals.

Whether you long to be stronger, slimmer, fitter or more confident, Beverley Wellbeing is the personal touch you are looking for. We work alongside you during one to one sessions to increase your strengths and build up your weaknesses to provide you with a full body training solution.

At Beverley Wellbeing core strengthening is central to our training and rehabilitation philosophy, as we strongly believe a solid core can benefit every sport or activity - with that in mind we focus a large portion of our programmes on strengthening and movement techniques for all level of abilities.

We pride ourselves on an exclusive gym membership, which means the often intimidating appearance of a public gym is none existent, and with a full range of equipment on hand there is always equipment or facilities available no matter what time of day you visit.

Personal training is ideal for those with a specific aim in mind, whether it’s to achieve a long term goal like climbing Everest or running a marathon, right down to help with weight loss, or even short term goals like a bride to be who wants to lose a bit of weight to fit into a wedding dress!

A one to one personal training session starts at £50 per hour - and we can recommend how regular you will need to visit depending on your goals.

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