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What is Wellbeing

Wellbeing excercise with Duncan O'Connor

Wellbeing is about quality of life. Each of us has different needs to get the best out of life. Hippocrates said “If you give a person the right amount of the right kind of exercise, sleep and nutrition, you will get a perfectly functioning human form”.

Wellbeing has three components:

Regular Exercise – a programme of activity and movement which will improve your flexibility and fitness. The programme will be specific to you. It will be challenging and effective. If your desire is to manage your weight or change your body shape, your programme will focus on that. If you want to get fit or stay fit, the exercises will target fitness.

Healthy Diet – the team will share their knowledge of effective nutrition with you, helping you to eat for energy balance and to meet your health needs.

Effective Relaxation – this is the element of wellbeing which is often neglected. The team will help you to relax effectively, sleep better and generally recover more quickly from the rough and tumble of daily life. In addition, Duncan, Nicky and David are qualified and experienced therapists and can help you to recover from injury more effectively.

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